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 Life Insurance Over 70

Are you over 70?

If you are over the age of 70 it is more likely that you have been treated or are currently being treated for some medical condition. Whether it is something as common as high blood pressure, or a more serious heart condition, it will have some impact on your life insurance rate.

Some people over 70 years have the misconception that life insurance would be a luxury, due to the fact if they are under a doctors care, they could not afford the premiums associated with coverage. In reality, your rates will be less the older you are when diagnosed with a health problem. If you develop a serious medical condition at a young age, you are viewed as higher risk. If you begin being treated for a condition after the age of 70 it is actually less risk and more common that your condition came from simple old age and not a underlying condition that could progress quickly and raise your rate of mortality. Older americans still have options available to them to find low cost life insurance policies.

Another shopping tip for those over 70 is to compare many rates online. Not all companies offer term products to people your age. Those who do, not all will be


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