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 Diabetes Life Insurance

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, life insurance policies sold within the United States can become "out of reach". Do to the higher rates these policies become unaffordable or unavailable . This is because life insurance policies are allowed by state and federal law to charge a premium based upon an applicant's health status. In addition, a plan can choose to not provide a policy based upon that status.

If a person with diabetes wants to purchase a life insurance policy, the best option is to search for life insurance sold under the laws of another country. Most of the larger life insurance firms can help find international underwriters who will sell this type of policy in the United States. We can help a person with diabetes find a life insurance policy of this type, such policies are frequently inexpensive.

We can also help find reasonably priced life insurance policy for people who smoke, or have had a heart attack. As well as Seniors, or people over the ages of 50, 60, or 70.


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