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 CNA Life Insurance

The Term Life Insurance Rate Company offers the lowest rates on life insurance quotes from highly rated life insurance companies including CNA Life Insurance. To get a quote from CNA Life Insurance and to compare rates click here.

CNA Life Insurance

Address 1 100 CNA Drive
Address 2  
City Nashville
State Tennessee
Zipcode 37214
Telephone Number (800) 262-7307
Fax Number  
Web Address

CNA's history of commitment is over a century old. Our story begins in the 19th century, as the nation experienced an urban explosion. Americans left their farms and moved to large cities in ever-increasing numbers. Without their land to protect their financial future, people sought other forms of protection for their loved ones after they passed on. They turned to life insurance .

To meet the public’s increasing demands, the President of Continental Casualty Company, H.G.B.Alexander, together with four other company directors, opened Continental Assurance Company (CAC) with only $100,000. Similar to its casualty insurance counterpart, (CAC) started small, but rapidly developed into a contending force in the industry.

The company achieved $10 billion of life insurance in force in just 54 years, at a time when the industry average for that feat was 86 years. CNA’s history is full of milestones and accomplishments.

Insurance Rating Agency

Insurance Rating Category

Insurance Ratings

A.M. Best Financial Strength A
Standard & Poors Financial Strength A+
Moody's Financial Strength A2
Duff Phelps Claims Paying Ability  

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